SCC Coatings, continues to offer vehicle refurbishment, using all the up to date paints systems, vinyls, window films and anti graffiti solutions.

We will work with you to present the best solution for your vehicles and can offer warranty and repair options to protect and maintain the longevity of your vehicles.

Paint Systems that have the relevant fire test certifications that are necessary within the rail industry.

SCC offers a complete renovation of interior components our Milton Keynes factory.

Working closely with our strategic partner who can supply compliant fabric and foams we can restore all soft furnishings and seat shells.

Seat shells will be repaired using approved repair methods and then repainted to bring the shell back to an “as new” condition.

Tables can be skimmed and recovered. Surfaces and solid edges can be painted to provide a durable finish.

SCC offers a powder coating service for all grab poles, rails, internal panels, seat frames and shells where durability is key. Whether it is a new or renovation project SCC has the experience and knowledge to help identify and provide the right solution.

Graffiti and other marks can be removed and the surface repaired using specialist products that have accreditation for use with the rail industry.

ChelaGuard has been developed and tested to meet the requirements of the transport industry. ChelaGuard can be applied to any surface to protect against degradation or graffiti attacks.

Train wash cycles can be reduced, as ChelaGuard is proven to attract less dirt and this then reduces the use of chemicals which has a massive positive impact on the Environment.

This treatment is ideal for half-life refreshes and at approximately two thirds of the cost of a full repaint is an obvious choice

SCC carries out component refinishing in our factory in Milton Keynes. Our purposely installed spray booths are large enough to cope with multiple components, offering shorter turnaround times and cost effective solutions. We also offer a collection and delivery service.

Vinyls and window film are becoming a common solution within the rail industry due to is durability and ability to be replaced easily if damaged.

We can provide trained fitters to apply both window film and vinyl to any suitable surface.

Recent tests have shown the versatility of both products, including using vinyl on London Underground Tubes, to help reduce the ambient temperature inside the carriage.

Window film has also progressed from being used as an anti-graffiti, scratch resistant coating on windows, to a simple label to warn passengers of a damaged/damp seat.