Purpose of the trial.
To raise the awareness of our unique coating ChelaGuard, and to assist the client KAM in reducing the costs to fully repaint the external/internal of the tram, whilst reducing their carbon footprint by decreased washing/cleaning.

Environment Benefits
The environmental benefits are significant. This will save 8 Olympic sized swimming pools of water and 56 tonnes of carbon every year, whilst also reducing harmful chemical consumption.

Scope of work
Identify areas for repair both internal and external with the KAM representative including surface corrosion, using an approved paint system smart repair those areas. Remove all interior marketing, replace worn out label and decals. Heavy clean all areas and completely polish the external body including roof areas above the cabs. Apply ChelaGuard to all interior and exterior surfaces.

Tram 3105 went 75 days without washing and still looked clean when compared to other trams that had been washed.
The high-quality finish and continuous aesthetic performance improves customer satisfaction and enhances the brand.

Follow on
TfGM and KAM have agreed to complete the whole fleet using this method of working, this has a potential to save the following.
KAM is now changing their external wash process to only clean every 6 weeks (a 90% reduction), during maintenance cycles.
The outsourced cleaning supplier has offered a 30% cost reduction.

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