Northern Line

Working closely with Alstom UK, we supported their 2 year project to overhaul the entire fleet of 106 x 6 car sets of the 1995 stock fleet.

SCC managed :

Internal/External refresh of each car – this included the supply of and application of Hexis AGLR vinyl to the exterior body sides and both interior and exterior of the passenger doors. All vinyl was plotted and cut to size at our factory in Milton Keynes. External passenger door sides were fitted in one piece, blue and white external panels were fitted in one piece plotting out areas such as vents, door guides, door indicator lights and the internal of the passenger doors were fitted in two pieces.

The main interior of each car was prepared, repaired and painted with Axalta Hydro Topcoat.

Cab end roof seals were repaired as per a specific procedure supplied by 3M, once prepped a clear vinyl tape was applied to the roof canopy and the front of the cab, once cured it allowed for paint to be applied over the tape to provide a seamless finish.

SCC used approved methods to identify, polish and finally apply anti – graffiti window film to all internal glass surfaces. Up to 80% across the fleet was polished.

Areas of each car that is at risk to high volumes of graffiti attacks received an anti – graffiti coating called Chelaguard, this product offers total protection to all refinished surfaces and can aid the longevity of the car keeping surfaces looking fresher and reducing the amount of cleaning required.

See below for some before and after shots